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My Rec: Takes place during the Cloud Recesses Study Arc, and includes one of my favorite tropes: pining while fucking (as the summary suggests lol). 4 notes wangxian. cql. the untamed. mdzs. fic recs. again the 5+1 thing is just a fun idea for the list. none of the fics are actually 5+1 fics. and the rec order is random. Wangxian fanfic arranged marriage nike wide fit sliders. flutter delivery app. luxury resorts upstate ny. semi truck decals best bed and breakfast upstate ny no magic user guide lawn bowls for sale near alabama top 10 toys 2022 free file vs turbotax reddit. zukka fic rec list (post-canon) whatsshakingbanana:. howdy! i've been collecting zukka fics i like since uhhh june and now i am sharing my lists with the world. i'm splitting it into three posts so it hopefully wont be too long. this is the second one: post-canon fics! the other two will be canon era and modern au. [side note!! if youd like a specific type of rec list,, i.e. soulmate au. Wangxian or MDZS Fic Rec Blogs? I am not the only one! ... shameless wei wuxian, repressed lan wangji, canon compliant, angst, pining, hurt/comfort, frustration, first time, dom/sub undertones, slow burn, (it takes these idiots YEARS), feels, grief/mourning, 33 lashes, 13 years, hurt lan wangji, serious injuries, permanent injury,. ex-suicida descobrindo que não é um desperdício de oxigênio querendo desabafar as dores em paz, mesmo após descobrir que não tem ninguém para se apoiar. Translation fanfic and this I like Available in lightweight cotton or premium all-over-printed options Can I have a heart-warming modern Reylo AU fic rec please New jobs, new outfits, idc, their mutual pining and fondness for each other still slay me over and over 😂 I'll give your fav fic a read I don't care how much weird shit is on it. Wangxian Fic Recs. No one asked for this, I just made it because. Canon Divergent AU: forever is home (with you) by moonsteps (23k, teen+) One of those fics where Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are in an arranged marriage but then they fall in love and all the tragedy of canon is conveniently ignored and everyone gets a happy ending!. Search: Wangxian Fanfic Recs. There's also commentary I know of two Kingdom Hearts accounts in particular that are ship-specific and give you a brief description of what the fics are like Lusting after Lan Zhan, like 'he's so hot, but I couldn't possibly wanna bang him', hahaha sure Wei Ying I don't actually have a tag for that (fics starting right after episode 50), so it'll. * WangXian Alternate Universe - Arranged Marriage Fluff & Crack Fanfiction by. Search: Got7 Arranged Marriage Tumblr. But during a raid it is not just his wife Hvitserk risks losing at the hands of the newcomer And Tubbo's only doing it, so he can say that it's a very good cake, because he knows Fundy made it himself IGot7 Inspirits Recommended. For over a thousand years Lan Wangji has been wandering the world alone, helping where he's needed. It's when he meets a mysterious cultivator and a strange curse starts to torment his body that the past and the present start to mingle, igniting emotions Lan Wangji almost forgot he was able to feel. These fics are stunning. Also has some Gen stories, btw, which aren't on this list purely for "idk how to best sort stuff into two categories"-reasons, but for heaven's sake please go read them, too. Skipping Stones: Hopeless pining and first kisses and realizations that maybe the pining might've been mutual. Two Weddings and a Family Reunion: 7 chapters, Lan Wangji proposes marriage to Wei Wuxian to protect him and the Wens (politically but also for other reasons), and so Wei Wuxian can see his shijie get married! The ones in my other fic rec post! If You Were Made For Me: two chapters! Lan Wangji gets bullied into staying at the burial mounds for. Sterek & Mutual Pining. This was meant to be a short list of pining fics. Ha! I could go on for at least 5 more pages!! Pining Derek is the BEST! Also, I did not rec every fic ever written by bleep0bleep who writes the best pining Derek. EVER. You should definitely check them out here . Sidequest by bleep0bleep | 11,449. New jobs, new outfits, idc, their mutual pining and fondness for each other still slay me over and over 😂 I'll give your fav fic a read This was an interesting one to write Can I have a heart-warming modern Reylo AU fic rec please Source: archiveofourown 5 Archery Competition in Nightless City 1 5 Archery Competition in Nightless City 1. Mdzs Fic Rec Fandoms you are likely to encounter here include cdrama, MCU, Detroit Become Human, FFXV, Timeless, etc Years later, he ascends again-only to be banished again a few minutes after his ascension Have fun! Add oil!. ... FIC summary: With Sonic, Tails, and Ruru by her side, Zelda seeks to wrest control of the world back from the. Fic Recs: Wangxian Dashboard. Dashboard; Profile; Subcollections (0) Contents. Fandoms (0) Works (0) Bookmarked Items (33) Random Items; People; Tags; Fic Recs: Wangxian. Profile; My personal MDZS/Untamed fic recs: ship focused Wei Wuxian/Lan Wangji. (Closed, Moderated) Random bookmarks Public Bookmark 24. Resignation: Melody and Refrain by. The most wonderful husband, dad, brother, who deserves only the best things in the world ! the untamed. 03 Feb '22 @ 20:48 706 gusucloud. Memories take us back ; Dreams take us forward. the untamed. 03 Feb ... From her especially cute fanfic, where WangXian and A-Yuan go to the zoo!. ♥️22 year old romantic at heart, fanfiction writer, MDZS, professional procrastinator, Lan Xi Chen and. Wangxian and Co. Do Time-Travel Namu__Joon Summary: While on a case, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, along with their trusty quartet of Juniors, get thrown into the past where they meet their younger selves during the guest lectures. Cue no angst, but all the love as our favorite characters reunite with past-selves, old friends, and soon to be new ones. 5. hi! i was wondering if you have any fic recs A) enemies to lovers wangxian or B) ... (E, 27k, wangxian, modern, woke up married, pining, getting together, no sex happen under alcohol influence) Something Kind of Normal. by phnelt (T, 12k, wangxian, post-canon, accidental marriage, JC & WWX reconciliation, getting together, secret marriage). Sorry for the wait! I feel like I fell into a pit last montha Marvel pit, that is. Sorry y'all, but in August all I read and rec was Tony-centric stories! Thank you to all the Team Iron Man writers out there! This fic rec includes 17 fics starring WinterIron, IronStrange, FrostIron, and Misc. WinterIron. 1. pining + fluffy + funny == this fic! let the fates decide by chuuyaya. A lot of questions were left unanswered, a lot of possibilities unexplored. ... Honestly, all I see in Tumblr are all WangXian fics recs so I decided to put this one up! Feel free to explore and bear with me as I put up the fics one by one. May 26, 2019 February 6, 2020. Search: Fanfic Recs Reddit. Posting/advertising your own story is allowed Give me the best of all the good, COMPLETED fics you've read over the years Yoonmin Fic Rec As a Yoonmin trashI freaking love to read Yoonmin fics that have a balance of unique plot, good characters, great pace/flow, smut, fluff, drama and amazing writing I've finally read all the good ones and now I'm forever. Wangxian Fanfic Recs But Jiang Cheng is famous for running his family's textile business so there's a whole two-faced things going on. Wangxian Fanfic Recs But Jiang Cheng is. WangXian Rec Post #3: Canon-verse - Cloud Recesses. So for today's recs, here's several fanfics that take place during Cloud Recesses. sbh3 boiling point. Jul 10, 2020 · another fic for reaffirmation that wangxian are being overprotective husbands and our bby a-yuan is not really a baby anymore and it’s just so DOMESTIC and such good content and we really love every single reminder that wangxian are just happy and together and they’re SOULMATES okay worth the entire universe and more by. Wangxian Fanfic Recs But Jiang Cheng is. Oct 31, 2021 · This will be my first fan fiction of MDZS, I'm sorry if my English isn't good. All of the characters belong to there creator Story belong to me. #7 the untamed 9/24/2021 #1 Wangxian 9/25/2021 #1 MDZS 9/26/2021 #1 the untamed 9/27/2021 #1 LanWangji 10/8/2021 #1 WeiYing 10/5/2021. Summary: Inspired by twitter user @tothedeaths: " publishing a fic to ao3 titled bland times with wangxian. there are no tags at all except for no archive warnings and the ship tag. every chapter is a single scene where they ask each other if they've run out of paper towels or lwj swiffering the floor. it's 5000 chapters of this". Fun fic with excerpts of "online fan discussions" and pining in the form of "they have secretly been fans of each other for years." i swim in hollow lakes carved from memories by spookykingdomstarlight (154k, teen+) They fell in love in college, but after a horrible misunderstanding, Wei Wuxian disappeared. . Wangxian Fic Recs - Modern Setting AU. Plant a little happiness (let the roots run deep) | Words: 47,638 | E After thirteen years away, Dr. Wei Wuxian is back in Gusu. A car accident near his apartment brings someone unexpected back into his life and everything changes for the better. and so my heart beats wildly | Words: 106,435 | E. 12. Hello! I don't have a specific fic in mind but do you have any recs on fics where lan zhan has some remaining fear and paranoia about wei ying dying set after the series? Could be comedic or angsty. 💖 Convalesce by incendir (G, 4k, wangxian, hurt/comfort) 💖 Succour by incendir (G, 7k, wangxian, angst, hurt/comfort, companion to the. The first story is Arranged Marriage - WangXian 1 and the first sequel is Changing the Future - WangXian 2! This will be about babies. Hehe, WangXian and babies/kids. Completed: 20 April 2020 (Still uploading bonuses) Completed Mature Should have stopped (Wei WuXian x Lan WangJi) 68.8K 1.9K 39 PLEASE READ THIS OR ELSE YOU WITH GET CONFUSED. MDZS Wangxian Fic recs (based on the novel canon and characterisation) ... Post-canon fic, full of soft wangxian. Sanren by kyogre (M, 87k) Leaving YunmengJiang in an effort to curb the tensions in the Jiang family, Wei WuXian becomes a rogue cultivator. ... A Canon-divergent!AU, brimming with plot and mystery and pining. To Capture a ghost by. Here are some beautifully written magical fics for you! If you'd like other masterposts, please request them in the ask box. Enjoy! 1. planted in my mind by milkcrates [16k]-modernau, collegeau, magical realism, friends to lovers, mutual pining, fluff and angst. Summary: Wei Wuxian opens one eye, sneaking a peek at the paper, then both. It. Wei Wuxian could hear the hard thumping of his heart, like a bird being strangled inside a cage In the effort to save her family, she sacrifices her soul and brings forth Wei WuXian Wei WuXian thought that their relationship wasn't exactly bad, but it wasn't that good either With Jiang Bian, Kei Gambit, Ketsu HanGuang-Jun, I'm going to talk serious business now HanGuang-Jun, I'm. Just thought I should say something to ensure that I still intend to run this blog and make recs whenever I read a johnlock fic, I havent forgotten about y'all! I am now in my Wangxian phase (Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian from The Untamed) as you know if you follow me on my main @softlygasping but wanted to give you guys an update anyway that this. For over a thousand years Lan Wangji has been wandering the world alone, helping where he's needed. It's when he meets a mysterious cultivator and a strange curse starts to torment his body that the past and the present start to mingle, igniting emotions Lan Wangji almost forgot he. Geraskier autumn fic recs (the ones that destroyed me emotionally in recent months, an incomplete list) witcher marriage traditions, and other lies by burrfication. A must read! The pining is so sweet and their friendship is portrayed so well. I'll Be Your Shelter by AvoidingAverage. #answered #fic recs #wangxian fic rec #mdzs #mdzs fic rec #lan wangji #wei wuxian #rating: general #status: complete #one shot #Word Count: 20-50K #pairing: wangxian #au: time travel #au: fix it #au: canon divergence #personal comments: its been a while since ive read this fic but it was good ! and once again thank you so much for your kind words!. About Arranged Fanfiction Rwby Marriage . myheroacademia, b. Jan 17, 2016 - Liang Xing is a Chinese artist who created the stunning fan art of Legend Of the Cryptids. A RWBY Fanfiction: Turning Back Time pt 2. Check out the tags here: Arranged Marriage; Non-Wangxian Arranged Marriage; Hope you have a good reading time!. The main RWBY cast (a. honestly one the best fics i have ever read; it captures the pining and the longing so perfectly and we get a wangxian marriage and domestic wangxian in future chapters so basically the perfect fic to soothe your heart post-CQL. and so my heart beats wildly by lily_winterwood . angst, fluff, smut, multi-chapter, modern AU. A list of all my tags, to better help you find fic. (the tags who are scored out do not link to any fics yet) Alphabetical List of Fics. Universe: Canon. Alternate. Fusion. Crossover. Future (after canon). 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